Every fragment my heart has broken up into is playing a memory,
With a heavy lump, I kneel down, trying to collect them into a treasury,

I picked up the one where I was 5 and you came to drop me back home,
It shivered me to the depths, the thought of you being gone;
I couldn’t leave your hand, but daddy took me away,
I so really wished, if for a little more time I could stay;

I picked up the one where you took me to feed the fishes,
Carrying me in your lap the whole time, granting all of my wishes;
And the one where I fell sick,
To make me smile, you could have tried any trick;

The realization is hitting me slowly,
I shouldn’t have left you lonely,
I so wish I had grown up sooner
And had foreseen the future;

I picked up the one where you asked me
“Will you cry when I die?”
I was never ready for this question,
I only wished death was a lie;

For the first time ever, my stomach is accepting no food,
my ears no words,and my heart no reassurance,
Watching the person who loved me the way one ever can,
fade away on Valentine’s day, I have given up on tolerance;

I picked up the one where I used to search your pockets,
And not even once did it happen that I didn’t find my favourite chocolates,
And the one where we were celebrating your last birthday,
I watched you, hoping to see you smile for once, but it had now withered away;

Sleeping in your bed, wearing your slippers, I’m searching for ways that make me feel closer to you,
Mama, You are being missed every moment and nobody can ever replace you. . .


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